Growing Up With Books -Why You Need a Home Library for Your Children

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Some may think they are just printed words inked onto pieces of white paper. Maybe add a few pretty pictures.

But to a child, those books can be so much more.

Did you know having as few as 80 books in your home can impact your child(ren)? Having access to books is a crucial part of development for all children. And in today's world, books seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate from bookstores and libraries. Regardless of how many books a home has, each addition to the home library helps children do better. Giving your child(ren) a library of books at home sets them up for success in their education and will open new worlds that only they can imagine. In addition, a book-filled home encourages a culture of reading for enjoyment and talking about books. Let's look at a few benefits of having a home library.

What Can A Home Library Do For Your Children?

Improve Literacy Skills

Having books in your home is linked to improved literacy in children. Being surrounded by many books helps children build their vocabulary and increase awareness and comprehension. Books open your child's mind to a whole new world of vocabulary. They showcase a range of words your child(ren) may not hear daily. Reading daily helps them develop a higher level of words to use in everyday conversations. As you read, your child(ren) may ask what a word means; take that time to explain it and talk about what you are reading.

Enhance Cognitive Development

Children that have books read to them at an early age will rank higher in academics and are more apt to be successful later in life. This is because reading enhances a child's overall cognitive development. They learn to understand complex ideas, connect different concepts, and develop critical thinking skills.

When reading books, children learn to speak correctly to others in various situations, from basic manners to conversations on different subjects. In addition, children learn to distinguish the difference between imagery and real life.

Reading to and with your child will help enhance their ability to focus. When you read aloud, they listen to the person reading to understand the book and build strong listening skills. Reading independently helps a child develop a greater awareness of focus.

Develop a Love of Learning

Children mimic what they see their parents doing. They are more likely to pick up a book to read for pleasure when they see a parent or role model doing so. Having access to books at home provides countless hours of entertainment. Children can learn about new cultures and explore new lands. Adventure awaits them just beyond a book cover.    

Easy Ways to Add Books to Your Home Library

Already have a home full of books? That's great! Keep adding to your collection. If you need some tips on how to build your home library- we have a few:

Share Books You Loved as a Child: Again, nothing models the love of reading better than a parent's enthusiasm. Share a book you loved as a child. We all have those we reread time and time. Those books provided us with countless adventures and experiences. Think back to a favorite that a teacher read to you in school. Those make great beginnings for your budding book collection.

Find Books that Match Your Child's Interests: Connecting children with books they love is one of the parents' most fun challenges. Accomplishing this task can be a vital part of creating life-long readers. Think about the things your children enjoy. It can be anything—dance, astronomy, animals, art, fashion, or history. The list is endless. And chances are, you can find a book about any of those things. If they are interested in the subject matter, they are more likely to read and enjoy what they read.

Diversify Your Bookshelves: Aim for variety. Yes, we mentioned matching your child's interests, but they may also enjoy many other things. Include books your child can see themselves in that will introduce them to new cultures and people worldwide. Have various genres to choose from, including fiction and non-fiction.

Give Books to Celebrate Milestones & Accomplishments: Every parent remembers turning double digits, winning a contest or award, or graduating. In addition, you most likely remember who you celebrated with or the day's special moments. So why not link a special book to the memory? Then, when your child recalls their memories about these events, they will also connect a meaningful book to that time.

Books make great gifts for every single holiday. They make the perfect stocking stuffers in addition to Easter baskets. Give books for baby showers and help new mamas begin their child's library. Books make an excellent gift for any occasion.

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Books are an integral part of learning and growing. Children of all ages will benefit from having a home full of books. As they grow, their interests may change, but that won't stop them from developing new skills and learning new ways of thinking and seeing the world around them. So create a home library for your child and watch them hold the world in their hands.

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