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If you haven't already noticed, we are a little partial to mice. Toofer and The Giblet are two of our very best friends in Nimblewood. But did you know there are so many other books about mice? We wanted to share our top picks for you and your little ones. Here's to meeting new friends and going on new adventures! 

Elvin and Brayden, Friends Forever by Sandra Morrison 

In this book, you and your little one will learn about kindness, family values, and the meaning of true friendship. As adults, we know you must have social skills for successful relationships to flourish. But you also must be capable of tolerance, trust, and reciprocation. This beautifully written book takes those complex adult concepts and makes them easy for children to understand. Elvin and Brayden will help your little one accept diversity, gain confidence in their friendships, and learn to help and share. 

Facts About the Mouse: A Picture Book for Kids by Lisa Strattin 

In Facts About the Mouse, you and your little one will learn fun facts about mice and enjoy the full-color photographs. Author Lisa Strattin has kept her words simple yet intriguing enough for children as young as five to understand. The paperback version has coloring pages for your child to enjoy while learning. 

The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse by Loretta Sponsler 

Here we have a fun twist on Aesop's fable The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. This story teaches children that having different interests from their friends and family is okay. It encourages them to celebrate their individuality. It is a perfect book for children that love the outdoors. The storyline is easy to follow and is accompanied by beautiful illustrations. This book delivers a commonsense lesson on respecting one another's perspectives. It celebrates ordinary civility, which children can take with them as they grow older. 

The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary 

This book is the first in a trilogy, so grab the next two as well. This book will be a portal back to your childhood. This book is brimming with fun and chaos. It's great for independent readers or shared reading. Beverly Cleary writes appealingly; the story contains enough adventure to keep your child interested. 

Sugar and Spice and Everything Mice by Anie Silvestro 

This enduring story follows Lucy, a mouse who loves adventure. Lucy is the type of mouse that likes to work independently. Unfortunately, she often lets her temper explode when things become more challenging than she thinks. This story teaches the lesson that everyone needs a little help sometimes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for that help or receiving it gratefully. It is a cozy story packed full of charming artwork. 

The SECRET of the GNOMES: Gnome Secrets for Living a Happy Life by Curt D Snarr 

Life lessons wrapped in a magical tale. The artwork is whimsical and brings gnomeland to life. This book is the perfect book to read along with your children. It helps ponder some of the more life-affirming concepts that adults often lose sight of in the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo 

This is a story of an unlikely hero. It is a tale of what happens when you dare to be different. This heartwarming adventure story brings impossible love, bravery, and old-fashioned courage to life. This book is the perfect choice for a young reader. It's a modern-day fairy tale. 

Toofer and The Giblet by Paulette LeBlanc 

Filled with clever adventures and stand-alone stories, this book invites readers of every age to re-discover their own world. Toofer and The Giblet will teach children to value friendship, prize honesty, and act with integrity. This is the perfect book for a classroom and parents and grandparents. Experience true innocence and wisdom with a deep kinship between two opposites. 

Toofer and The Giblet in The Big City by Paulette LeBlanc 

Go on a grand adventure with the two main characters as they venture into an unknown world. This book will teach that life can be seen and experienced from many different perspectives. And through adventure and a new lens, it is possible to learn who you really are and who you really want to be. 

It's the perfect time to grab a new book and go on an adventure with a new friend. Find a shade tree, a hammock, or a favorite reading corner, and dive into new worlds. You may make a new friend for life. Happy reading! 




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